Dangerous Appliance Recalls from April 2019


Every now and then, a product that was released for sale to the public must be recalled. This actually happens much more frequently than most people realize. Hundreds of products from a specific flawed design or manufacturing malfunction are recalled every year when a hazardous problem is noticed by the company or reported by multiple consumers.

Often, these recalls are things like children’s toys with small parts that fall off and could be potentially eaten. But sometimes the risk is much greater than that. When the recalled item is an electronic appliance, there are risks of fire, burning, explosions, and even gas leaks. Today, we’re featuring four recalled electronic items that have proven to be dangerously flawed in one way or another. All of these items were recalled recently during April of 2019 and could easily be something you have bought recently for your home and family. Let’s dive right in, starting with an infant sleep hazard. 

Kids II Rocking Sleepers

Recall Date: April 26, 2019

Modern parents can choose from all sorts of innovations to help their baby sleep. Among the best inventions is the automatic rocking sleeper. A simple electronic rocker keeps babies happily asleep without requiring constant rocking from a family member to soothe the baby. However, a rocking sleeper needs to hold infants in a safe sleeping position with the baby on their backs to prevent breathing problems that could lead to deaths.

The Kids II rocking sleepers, all models of Kids II rocking sleepers, have this unfortunate flaw. When babies are unrestrained, they are able to flip over onto their stomachs which puts infants at a greater risk of oxygen deprivation and fatalities. It’s very sad to say that five infant fatalities have already occurred since 2012 so this is a very serious design flaw in every single one of the Kids II rocking sleeper models.

  • The Problem
    • Babies can flip onto stomachs when sleeping in the rocker
    • Babies on their stomachs can suffer from breathing problems
  • The Solution
    • Stop using the rocking sleeper
    • Contact Kids II for a refund or voucher

Viessmann Vitodens Boilers

Recall Date: April 25, 2019

Boilers are high-powered home appliances meant to distribute heat throughout the home. But they also deal with a serious amount of heat and dangerous gasses in order to do this. The Viessmann Vitodens boiler heaters have an unfortunate flaw that causes them to decay in a way that releases carbon monoxide.

All sizes of Vitodens boilers are potentially a risk, and over 4,000 have been recalled as a result of this malfunction. The problem is that the heat exchanger backplate corrodes over time and can then leak flue gasses. This allows the boiler to emit excessive amounts of CO2, carbon monoxide, into the air while also within the closed confines of a home. Fortunately, no incidents of injury or fatality have been reported so it is likely that the company identified this problem before anyone was hurt.

If your home has one of the affected models, it’s important to repair or replace the unit immediately. If you have no choice but to keep using the unit before the problem can be remedied, it’s best to place a carbon monoxide detector outside of each bedroom to ensure that no one is put at risk of monoxide poisoning and it’s signature sleep fatalities.

  • The Problem
    • The exchanger back plate can corrode, releasing flue gasses (carbon monoxide)
    • This creates an indoor poisoning hazard
  • The Solution
    • Contact the installer, distributor, or Veissman to schedule a free in-home safety inspection and repair.
    • Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home, especially outside of sleeping areas.

Tekno Tuff Moke-Less Grills

Recall Date: April 18, 2019

Any appliance with a heating element comes with a certain amount of risk. A heating element uses focused electricity to generate heat. Ideally, this heat is run through safe and insulated resistors which turn the electric heat into distributed ambient heat for space heating or stovetop cooking. But when a heating element goes bad, it can result in overheating, surface-burns, and catching fire.The Tuff Smoke-Less Grill is an example of a heating element gone wrong. In fact, some have gone very wrong, indeed. There have, so far, been 12 reports of a Tuff Smoke-Less Grill overheating while in use. Five of those reports include property damage as a result of the overheating grill along with one report of minor burn injury from touching the overheating grill components. 

  • The Problem
    • The grill can overheat, creating a risk of fire and burning hazard.
  • The Solution
    • Stop using the grill
    • Return grill to the store where purchased for a full refund.

Heat Hero Portable Plug-In Mini Heaters

Recall Date: April 17, 2019

Another dangerous heating element situation is the Heat Hero brand portable mini heaters. These slightly triangular black heaters provide a powerful heating ability, perhaps too powerful for the appliance itself. Quite alarmingly, the portable mini heaters have been reported to not only become dangerously hot. They have also been found to smoke and independently catch fire.

So far, there have been 117 reports of overheating. 47 of those units have been reported to smoke and 10 have caught fire. Two of those fires have resulted in property damage. The only good thing about these heaters, other than their obvious pre-malfunction popularity, is that no injuries have been reported.

  • The Problem
    • Heaters can overheat due to a power malfunction
    • This can result in burning-hot temperatures, smoke, and catching fire.
  • The Solution
    • Stop using the heater immediately
    • Contact Heat Hero for a free replacement including shipping

 —When an appliance is recalled, they are recalled for very good reasons. There are no products guaranteed to be absolutely safe and recall-proof which is why every consumer should keep an eye on the yearly recall list. If you see a product you have recently purchased or have in your home, then be careful to follow the instructions to repair, return, or throw away the flawed item, often with a refund in the cards for going through the proper channels. For more information about appliance recalls or for recalls with recommended repairs, contact us today! 


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