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We serviced a
Model GU2700XTSS0
Near Cookstown, NJ 08511
Dan C.
Job Details: 09/28/2021
Shorted panel. Found a live cockrach running down side of machine. Upon inspection i found several carcasses around the control area. Unit has infestation problem and would need to be addressed before any further service can be performed.
Near Cookstown, NJ 08511
Marc C
Job Details: 02/18/2020
DISHWASHER WHIRLPOOL JDS9860AAP Tested unit found door hinges bent and issues with clock assembly from power surge clock NLA do not order parts customer wants to think about it ; ordrng 2 WP74011140 (HINGES)s
Near Cookstown, NJ 08511
Robert D
Job Details: 12/26/2019
DRYER MAYTAG MGD5500FC0 Complaint is wrong. There is no failure. Unit is working as intended. Cust had a question regarding the check lint screen LED. No issue.
Near Cookstown, NJ 08511
Robert D
Job Details: 11/25/2019
DISHWASHER WHIRLPOOL WDTA75SAHZ0 Unit is working as intended. Upon arrival cust was emptying dishwasher and everything inside was clean besides 2 items. Cust had over loaded lower rack and was not turning on hot water at faucet prior to starting cycle. Water fill is ice cold. Checked water pressure and ran diagnostics. No issue. Educated cust.
Near Cookstown, NJ 08511
Matt S.
Job Details: 05/01/2019
M/W OTR WHIRLPOOL WMH75021HZ0 The customer was told by an American home shield that the unit is under warranty factory warranty and they need to contact whirl pool however the purchase date shows it is out of warranty. Spoke with Diane at the main office. She also sees the same thing and is going to call the customer and explain that this needs to be straightened out by American home shield the word they will need a date of purchase receipt in order to get service under warranty this call was scheduled as an out of warranty call at this time. This will need to be straightened out before we can perform warranty service.
Cookstown, New Jersey
Technician was very kind and efficient. Did not try to over charge.
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