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Model WEG745H0FS0
Near Unionville, NY 10988
Gersi Mara
Job Details: 01/10/2023
Unionville, New York
Dan Marc is the worst repair comp I have ever had the non-pleasure of doing business with. The repairman Gersi, was horrible! He came in to fix a pilot on my Whirlpool stove and in doing so broke the main brain to the stove and I had no oven, did I mention it was a week before Christmas, and his response was well there is “Nothing I can do”. I said I’m having out of town family come to my home for the holiday, and he said well you call my comp DM and see if we can get the part quickly and I was told no. I would think that they would have measures for situations like this. This was after all done by their tech, no fault of mine. So I was told to call and see if the part comes in sooner. I called the Wed before the holiday and was told the part came in but I would have to call and see if I could get put on the service list, I called and was told the part wasn’t in. I then hung up called Whirlpool whom also confirmed the part was in, was on phone with them for over 1 1/2. And they still would not come to service the mistake that was made by their tech, I was told they only service my area on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so then they could have made a way even if it was after hours, after all their Damn fault not mine… long story short I had no oven for Christmas or New Years, the Tech SUCKED AND THE COMPANY IS TRASH! They could give A Damn about their customers. Did I mention the same tech who RUINED MY HOLIDAY WAS THE ONE THEY SENT BACK! Please Dan Marc is the ABSOLUTE WORSE COMP, and I wouldn’t use them again if they were the last comp on earth, nor will I be purchasing ANY more WHIRLPOOL Appliances, they were useless. In what life time does a comp whom has been in business as long as this one NOT MAKE A CUSTOMER WHOLE, when there’s been a mistake made on their part. They RUINED MY ENTIRE HOLIDAY, they can “ Eat Shit and Go to Hell!!!!” And I only gave 1 Star because “no Stars is not an option.
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