How to Reset Samsung Dryer (in 5 Steps)

June 3, 2024
Dryer Repair

When you’re experiencing an issue with any type of appliance, resetting is a great first step. It can clear error codes, technical glitches, and random software issues. More often than not, a reset is all that’s needed to get a malfunctioning dryer up and running again. If you have a Samsung dryer that needs resetting but you’re not sure about the process, this guide is for you! We walk you through when and how to reset your Samsung dryer, as well as what the reset process actually does. Read on to find out what to do!

This guide applies to all popular models of Samsung dryers, including:






















When to Reset Your Samsung Dryer

Resetting your Samsung dryer should be the first thing to try when you’re experiencing any dryer issues—unless there is something obviously physically wrong with your dryer, of course! Operating issues, error codes, failing to start, heating issues, and an unresponsive touchpad—all of these can sometimes be solved with a reset, providing there is no underlying issue. 

If your home has experienced a power outage or power surge, resetting your dryer is a great idea, as it helps to restore your dryer to normal functioning. It’s a good rule to always reset your dryer before attempting any DIY fixes or before calling in a professional. After all, you don’t want to pay a technician to do something you could have done yourself in a few minutes!

How Does Resetting a Dryer Work?

We know resetting your dryer is a good first step to solving issues, but have you ever wondered what resetting your dryer actually does? The process is pretty simple: it interrupts the power supply, which clears software errors and glitches that might be causing problems. Think of it like a system reboot—cutting the power and allowing the dryer to fully discharge lets the electronics reset and clear any malfunctions. It’s similar to restarting a frozen laptop—it should be the first thing you try when you come across an unexplained issue. 

It’s important to note that resetting unfortunately doesn’t have the power to clear any hardware issues. If you have an issue with your heating element, for example, this will still be present after a reset. It will, however, recalibrate the electronics and clear any error codes that have been displayed mistakenly.

Steps to Reset Your Dryer

Step 1: Unplug the Dryer

The first step is to totally disconnect your dryer from its power source. The easiest way to do this is to unplug it, but you can also cut power at the circuit breaker if you prefer. Just make sure you turn off the circuit breaker that corresponds to your dryer’s power outlet and test the dryer to ensure that it has no power. Turning your dryer off is not sufficient—you need to ensure that no electricity is flowing into the dryer at all. 

Step 2: Wait for 5 Minutes

After you’ve unplugged your dryer, you need to wait for 5 full minutes before moving onto the next step. The waiting period lets your dryer’s electronics completely discharge. This is what will clear any software issues or glitches in your dryer’s electrical system. 

Patience is key—don’t rush this step, or you may have to end up doing the reset all over again! During this time, you can check around the dryer to see if you can see any obvious physical issues that might have been causing your problem, such as a damaged power cord or a burned smell emanating from the dryer. 

Step 3: Replug the Dryer

After waiting the full 5 minutes, you can plug your dryer back in. Make sure the plug is securely seated in the outlet. If you chose to trip your circuit breaker instead, you’ll need to restore power to the outlet via your circuit box. 

Step 4: Power Up the Dryer

Once power is restored, you need to power up your dryer. Most Samsung models have a Power On/Off button on the control panel—press this to turn your dryer on. It should reboot normally and not display any error codes, as these will all be cleared by the reset process. 

Step 5: Test the Dryer

Once the dryer has rebooted, you need to test it! Unfortunately, just because an error code has cleared, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the underlying problem has been fixed. The error codes are cleared by the reset, but if the issue persists, the code will return. 

Run a short drying cycle and observe your dryer to ensure it is working as normal. If it completes the cycle without any strange noises or behavior, and if the error code does not recur, you can be fairly confident there was no underlying issue and your dryer is fully operational once again!

Next Steps if Your Dryer Still Isn’t Working

Although a reset can fix many issues, unfortunately, it can’t fix everything. If your dryer is still experiencing issues after you’ve completed the reset, here’s what to do:

  • Try again: If you were a little impatient and think you may have restored power to your dryer before the 5 minutes were up, you can try the reset process again. 
  • Check the power outlet: If your dryer is not starting at all, try plugging another appliance into the power outlet to check if the outlet is functional. 
  • Clean the filter and vent: A blocked filter or vent can cause a range of dryer performance issues, so make sure these are clean. 
  • Check out any error codes: Consult your Samsung dryer manual to find out what any error codes mean. You can then decide whether you feel confident tackling the issue yourself, or if you prefer to call in a professional.

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