How to Reset a Maytag Washer

December 2, 2021
Washer Repair

If you need to reset your Maytag washer, usually due to an error code, power surge, or stuck cycle, the easiest method is to disconnect the power. However, depending on the model and the type of Maytag washer, several other methods may work better. 

Determining the method that works best for your washer will depend on the washer’s age, whether it is a front- or top-loader, and whether it has a dial (mechanical controls) or a button control panel (electronic controls).

To find the reset instructions that are specific to your Maytag model, you will likely need to find the washer’s service manual, also called the technical or repair manual. However, this guide will do its best to give you all the options that will likely work for your model.

This guide applies to most Maytag washers, including the following models:






















Finding the service manual

Like most appliances, Maytag washers usually come with an operating manual that is easy to access and read. However, Maytag washers have also traditionally come with a service or repair manual that requires the removal of an access panel to locate it. On most top-loader Maytag washers, the service manual can be found by removing the top of the washer, where the manual can be found attached to one of the sides of the washer. The service manual on a front-loader washer can usually be located in a similar place by removing the top panel of the washer.

However, for those of you not looking to dismantle your washer to find the manual, Maytag provides access to their washer service manuals for free from the Maytag website under manuals and literature. You will need your washer’s model number to access the correct manual. Your washer’s model number can be found in the operating manual or on a sticker usually located at the back of the washer.

The service manual will outline how to reset the washer, as well as other options, like how to put your washer into “test” or diagnostic mode.

The easiest reset method

The easiest way to reset a Maytag washer is to disconnect the power to the washing machine for three minutes. Disconnecting the power allows the electrical charge to dissipate from the washing machine, which allows it to reset. If the reset fails, unplug the washer again, this time leaving it unplugged for ten minutes. For safety reasons, and to prevent damage to the washing machine, ensure it’s switched off on the control panel before disconnecting the power.

Power/cancel reset

Another method for resetting your Maytag washer is to press the Pause/Cancel button, then select the appropriate cycle, and then press the Start/Pause button. This method works best when trying to move the washer onto the next cycle or when trying to clear an error code. However, make sure to find and repair the cause of the error code or stuck cycle to prevent further damage to your washer or the issue from reoccurring.

Rotating the dial

If your Maytag washer’s control panel has a dial, the washer can be reset or put into various modes, such as diagnostic, by turning the dial in a particular sequence. The specific instructions for your model can be found in the washer’s service manual. However, many models will respond to the following sequence, which should put the washer into re-calibration mode, which resets the washer.

  1. Set the dial to its standard or normal position, facing up at 12  o’clock.
  2. Rotate the dial counterclockwise back to the standard position you started in.
  3. Turn the dial clockwise three settings so that it is in the 3 o’clock position.
  4. Turn the dial clockwise one setting.
  5. Turn the dial counterclockwise once to return it to the 3 o’clock position. If the process has worked, the control panel lights should start blinking.
  6. Turn the dial counterclockwise four settings or until only the Rinse light is lit.
  7. Press start to activate calibration, which should reset the washer.

If this process has failed to reset the washer, trying the process again, but faster or slower, may allow the reset to work.

The lid lift method

If you have a top-loader Maytag washer, you may be able to reset it by lifting the lid six times. However, you only have 12 seconds to do it.

  1. Unplug the washer for 1 minute.
  2. Reconnect the power and lift the lid and close it six times within a 12 second period. This process must be completed within 30 seconds from when you reconnect the power.

Note that the lid must properly close six times in a row for the method to work.

Resetting a Maytag coin-operated washer

A Maytag coin-operated washer with an LED display can be reset as follows: First, unlock the lockbox to put the washer into program mode. The next step is to find the Delicates and Knits mode in the washing options menu. Hold down the Delicates and Knits button for five seconds. The washer’s LED display should now flash and start to blink, which means the error codes have been resolved and the washer has reset.


If neither of the above methods reset your Maytag washer, there may be an issue with the control board. A control board issue is best left to a trained technician to troubleshoot and fix.


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