How to Use a Top Load Maytag Washer

August 10, 2022
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Maytag is a leading appliance company and is well known for its smart washers. Therefore, these top load washers can connect to the internet, and you can control them via an app if you would like to. 

However, if you prefer to start with the basics, the app is not essential, and you can still turn it on with the click of a button. While the control panel on these machines may look technical at first, they are pretty simple to use once you understand how they work.

Here we will provide an overview of the Maytag top load washer and how to use it.  

What are smart washers?

Smart washers, such as the Maytag top load washer, can connect to the internet and allow you to control the washing machine with your mobile phone. With this technology, you can multitask or get the washing started even when you are not home. 

Through the Maytag mobile app, you can control when your top loader starts. You can also receive notifications when the load has finished, reminding you to hang the washing or transfer it to the dryer. 

Most newer Maytag models have this smart feature. However, some Maytag washers cannot connect to the internet because they do not have the smart feature. 

How to prepare the washing

Preparing the laundry for this washer is no different from how you would have done it in the past. For example, separate whites from colors and darker colors from lighter ones. Or wash delicate clothes on their own to protect them from damage. 

However, some Maytag top load washers have certain features, making it easier to prepare your laundry. 

For instance, some top load washers have a built-in water faucet. Therefore, you can soak stained clothes directly in the washer before washing them. As a result, you no longer need to soak clothes in a laundry sink or bucket. 

Another helpful feature is the delay setting. With the delay setting, you can load the washer and select the time you would like the machine to start. 

The delay setting is excellent when you need the washing machine to finish washing your clothes before you come home from work. Or, for when you want fresh clothes to hang in the morning. 

As a result, the clothes are washed before you need to dry them, and they don’t have to sit in the washer for a long time. This can eliminate nasty odors and will keep your garments fresh. 

Lastly, when loading the washer, always place heavy or bulky items at the bottom of the washer, and put lighter clothes on top. This will prevent the washer from becoming unbalanced. You should also wash extra-large items such as blankets on their own. 

How to add the washing detergent 

Liquid washing detergent works best with the Maytag top loaders. Most loaders have a slide-out drawer for the detergent and fabric softener. Although adding the fabric softener is optional. 

Some older models may not have a drawer. If your loader does not have one, you can add it to the clothes before the wash starts. However, avoid adding it to the clothes hours before washing; otherwise, it could stain or discolor your clothing. 

How to select the wash cycle 

Maytag top load washers generally have seven different wash cycles to select. These cycles are:

  • Normal
  • Heavy 
  • Whites
  • Delicate
  • Quick wash 
  • Rinse and spin
  • Bulky 


The normal cycle is excellent for washing everyday items such as sheets, linens, cotton, or a mixed load of clothing. However, this cycle is not recommended for items that are heavily soiled. 


The heavy cycle is ideal for when you need to wash bulky items that are heavily soiled. Hence, this cycle provides a heavy-duty wash. 


The whites cycle is similar to the heavy cycle, except it targets heavily soiled white clothing or fabrics. 


The delicate cycle is the gentle wash mode and is best for clothes prone to damage, such as blouses, soft fabrics, or lingerie. 

Quick wash 

The quick wash cycle will get your clothes washed quickly. While this cycle is great for when you are in a rush, it’s not ideal for heavily soiled items. 

Rinse and spin 

The rinse and spin cycle will give your clothes a quick rinse and spin for items that cannot be washed with detergent, such as swimwear. 


The bulky cycle is best suited for extra-large items such as bedding, comforters, or oversized jackets. 

Other cycles 

More recent models may have an additional cycle known as the sanitize with oxi cycle. This is a new cycle that provides a hygienic wash and is said to remove 99.9% of bacteria. This cycle uses a combination of hot water and oxygenated additives to eliminate bacteria. It can also clean tough messes and cut through stubborn stains. 

Should you select hot or cold water? 

Some Maytag top loaders automatically select a temperature for each cycle. However, some machines enable you to change the temperature if you wish to. 

Hot washes are good because they can fight bacteria and mold while making your clothes smell extra fresh. But hot washes make running the washer more costly and take longer to finish. 

In contrast, cold temperatures are gentler on your clothes, especially dark-colored clothing. As a result, selecting a cold temperature could make your clothes last longer. Additionally, cold washes are more economical and won’t take as long. 

A cold wash may not be suitable when trying to eliminate foul odors. However, this also depends on the laundry detergent you use, because some are designed to work well at colder temperatures. 

Which water level should you select? 

Some Maytag washers also enable you to decide how much water should be added to the machine. In contrast, others may automatically select this for you. 

When filling the washer with items, it’s best to fill it no more than two-thirds. Overloading the washer can cause it to become unbalanced, and this could lead to mechanical failure. 

If you are putting in a small load of washing, it will not require much water. Therefore, you can select low or medium. 

If you are putting in a large load of washing, it will require more water. Therefore, you can select a high water level.


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