Why your Whirlpool Duet Washer Won’t Drain Properly


So, your washing machine is out of order and you’re looking for a fix. The good news is that Whirlpool Duet washing machines tend to come with a diagnostic mode which is fully designed to help you get to the root of the problem. The first thing that you need to know is that there are various washing machines that fall under the “Duet” category. This guide will help you with the following core models:

·        WFW9750·        WFW9470
·        WFW9700·        WFW9451
·        WFW9640·        WFW9450
·        WFW9630·        WFW9410
·        WFW9600·        WFW9400
·        WFW9550·        WFW9300
·        WFW9500·        WFW9200

Common Reasons why your Duet Washer isn’t Draining or Spinning

Duet washer not working properly? Some of the common reasons why include:

·        A handwash or delicate cycle was selected

·        You didn’t select the spin option

·        A single bulky item was washed

·        There are too many suds in the machine

·        The drain hose is kinked/clogged

·        The drain hose is 96” or more above the floor

·        Outlet voltage is too low

Spin speeds can vary depending on the cycle that you use. Your washing machine is designed so that during a specific cycle, the speed is lowered accordingly. When the washing machine is put into this mode, the water is retained at the end to try and stop any delicate fabrics from shrinking. If you believe that this is the root cause of your problem, then you need to choose the appropriate cycle based on the fabric you are washing.

The Spin option Wasn’t Selected Properly

Choose the highest spin speed for your fabrics. If you are using an extra low spin or if you are not choosing a spin at all then the washing machine may not be able to remove the water from the load.

Washing a Single Bulky Item

Were you trying to wash a single bulky item? This could include a duvet, a blanket or even a rug. If you want to get better drainage on your items then you need to add more to the load. Select the drain and the spin cycle before you start the load and then turn on the machine. Your Duet washing machine will be able to detect any unbalanced load and it will automatically reduce the spin speed if you don’t. Unbalanced loads tend to happen with single or bulky items.

Excessive Suds

Make sure that you only use HE- or high-efficiency detergent with your Whirlpool Duet washing machine. If you use more than the manufacturer’s recommended dosage, then this will cause excessive suds. The suds will then cause the washing machine to run at a reduced speed and this will give you a very wet load. If you don’t believe that this is the cause, then it may be worth hiring a washing machine service to take a look for you.

Kink in the Hose or Drainpipe

You need to make sure that the drain hose is not kinked at all. Straighten the hose to make sure that there is enough water flow and that you also remove any blockages from the drainpipe well. Ensure that you are using a U-shaped drain and secure it properly. Your instruction manual will show you how to do this. If you do not have a hard copy for your instructions then you can find a digital copy by typing in your model number here. If you believe that there is a blockage in the pipe then after you have removed it, empty all of your pockets before washing your next load. Small items such as coins are able to travel to the pump and they can reduce your washer’s ability to remove water. It may also result in a washer repair if you do not sort the issue soon enough.

The Drain Hose is 96” or More Above the Ground

The drainpipe or the standpipe height requirements for the Whirlpool Duet washing machine are 96” at the maximum and 30” at the minimum.  If your pipe does not conform to these requirements, then it won’t be able to pump out the water and this will cause the water to flow back into the washing machine.

Your Voltage is Low

If you believe that the voltage for your washing machine is too low, then you need to check your electrical source. If you know that this is the problem, then make sure that you consult a reputable electrician as they will be able to work with you to make sure that you get this adjusted accordingly. More powerful washing machines may require a higher voltage, so if you have recently replaced your washing machine then there is a high chance that this is the root cause of the issue you are having. A clothes washer repair service may be able to help if the issue lies with your washer power supply.


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