Whirlpool Duet Washer Fault Codes and What They Mean

November 9, 2020
Washer Repair

Whirlpool is a household brand in the home and while not every appliance you own may be a Whirlpool, you can trust you are getting a pretty good appliance when it is of that brand. Yet, any appliance, over time, will begin to wear down and manifest malfunctions. It is just something that will happen. If you are lucky, the best case scenario is that your Whirlpool Duet washer throws out an error code. This may not tell you exactly what is wrong, but it will point you to the general area of the problem so you can get it fixed up quickly.

Unfortunately, every brand of appliance has their own error codes. As such, you will want to be familiar with them. While your owner’s manual can help, if you cannot find it, we can help you by running through the codes for your washer.

Before You Begin

The nicest feature of the Whirlpool Duet washer is that is comes with a way to view past error codes once they have cleared. This means if multiple codes were thrown out, you can also check them.

To do this, you must first enter your washer into diagnostic mode. This is done by pressing any three buttons except start, power, or cancel. You need to press those buttons one after the other nine times within eight seconds. If done fast enough “888” will flash on the screen.

Using the first and third buttons you pressed, you will be able to browse the error codes thrown out from the last ten cycles. Write them down so that you can look them up to see what has been going on.

Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Codes

Now that you know how to find the error codes on your washer, you need to familiarize yourself with what they mean. Some error codes are more specific than others, but all will point you in the correct direction.

SUDS Error

If your washer is throwing out this error, you likely don’t need it. You can probably see the suds inside the drum. These are difficult to drain, but running a load of white vinegar can fix it. You will want to make sure you are using the correct detergent for your washer and not using too much of it. Outside of that, it may indicate a drain pump or pressure switch problem.

FoE1 Error

This is likely due to pressing the wrong button. What it means is that items were detected inside the washer when it was on a washer clean cycle.

F1E1 Error

This is a main control error. Typically, it means that the main control board is throwing out faults. You can try unplugging the washer and waiting for it to reset, but likely the error code will come back if there is a true problem with it.

F1E2 Error

This is displayed when you have tried to reset the control board a number of times and nothing has happened.

F2E3 Error

You do not see this error much. It is thrown out when there is an error in the selection of the wash cycle via a connection to the control board. It is not a malfunction that happens often.

F3E1 Error

This code means there is an error with the pressure switch. You will want to check it for blockages before moving right to replacement as that can happen a lot.

F3E2 Error

When the temperature of the washer is above or below the optimal range for the cycle, it will display this error. It means there is a problem with the temperature sensor. You will want to make sure it is still plugged in as well as that it is still functioning by testing it with a multimeter

F5E1 Error

This error code is used when there is a problem with the door switch. It could be that the door switch has gone bad or you are trying to start a cycle with the wash door open. You can also see this if you have ran three cycles without opening the door at all.

F5E2 Error

Your washer will try six times to lock the door and then throw out this error code. It could be that the lock is broken or malfunctioning. You may also need to try re-aligning it.

F5E3 Error

Again, the washer will try to unlock the door six times, and then display this error.

F6E2 Error

If there is  a problem with communication between the control board and the motor control, you will get this error. Typically, you need to check the wire connections, but it could mean that either part is going faulty on you.

F7E2 Error

This indicates that there is a fault in the motor. You will want to make sure that the drum turns freely. If it does, then the issue may instead be with the motor control board.

F8E1 Error

Most seen with water inlet problems, your washer will display this error code after 13 minutes of trying to fill, and failing. Also be sure to check that the water is turned on to the appliance.

F8 E2 Error

This error indicates that the dispenser motor is not working. As such, there will be no detergent for your wash cycle.

F8E3 Error

If you see this code, it means that your washer was very close to overfilling. It essentially just saved you a big old mess by shutting off function. This could be a number of issues including the pressure sensor, drain pump, water fill valve, and even the control board problems.

F8E4 Error

This is another error code that will come up when the washer is struggling to fill. However, this time it indicates a problem with the flow meter.

F9E1 Error

This is the most displayed error code. This means it took too long for the washer to drain during the cycle. This usually means you have a clog somewhere, but it can also mean the drain pump has gone out if you still have standing water.


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